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In order to work safely, efficiently and comfortably, scaffolding is an essential tool for builders, contractors, painters, roofers and anyone else working at heights.

The scaffolding ensures quick access to the facade and roof, and with the help of the wide range of different parts in the Jamax scaffolding system, you can adapt the scaffolding to most building bodies. Both height, length and depth can be adjusted using the appropriate equipment and compositions.



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Jamax – a scaffolding kit

Jamax scaffolding system is a unique construction kit consisting of many different individual components, each with their own function and place. In order to put together complete scaffolding that meets all safety and functionality criteria, there are certain parts that must be included, while other parts can be selected or deselected based on needs and wishes.

Among other things, you can expand the platform using consoles, attach a stair tower to the scaffolding to streamline the ascent and descent, and order scaffolding parts to adapt the scaffolding as best as possible to the tasks and the terrain. The possibilities are many!

Standard scaffolding packages

To make it both easier and more profitable for you as a scaffolding user, here you will find a selection of package solutions in different sizes. All these packages contain standard components, such as assembly frames, railings and platforms, and otherwise what you need to set up the scaffolding as shown by the illustrations.

While professional users usually need the largest packages, and preferably several of them, a private person often only needs one of the smallest packages, and perhaps an add-on package. Choose the package that suits you best – each with the same good Jamax quality!

Customized scaffolding packages

Should there be a need for a customized Jamax scaffolding setup, for example for the construction or rehabilitation of cabins, townhouses, multi-family homes or the like, we offer proposals for scaffolding solutions with drawings and component lists, including a price quote.  Feel free to contact us for more information about this.


Explore the possibilities with Jamax scaffolding packages, which can also be delivered with:

  • composite boards in the platforms (standard is plywood)
  • other types of wall brackets
  • additional roof protection
  • wheels for the construction of roller scaffolding
  • assembly frames with extra railing loops
  • scaffolding hangers

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