L-Frames, also called Top supports or Railing supports, are the supports for siderails that are mounted at the top level of the scaffolding. They have loops for attachment of the hooks on the siderails, in the same way as the vertical frames, but their shape (L) allows you free passage along the platforms at the top level of the scaffolding.



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The L-Frames are available in two heights, 1 and 2 meters, and a standard width of 0,6 meters.

The 1 meter L-Frame is also available in two variants with a U-profile at the rear attachment, one with the standard width of 0,6 m, and one narrower with a width of 0,3 meters. These are ment to be used in combination with consoles, where you have cantilevered platforms mounted on either outside or inside of the scaffolding. When mounting on consoles, you have to use the U-profile variant of the L-Frames.

The L-Frames with 2 meter height have a double set of loops for siderails attachement. Combined with vertical frames of 2 meters with 20 railing loops, these top supports make it possible to mount two railings height-wise.