Siderails for scaffolding

The guardrail for the Jamax scaffolding system consists of a siderail comprised of a hand- and kneerail, and a toe board.

Below you can see the various types of siderails available for the Jamax scaffolding system.



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Faster and easier assembly

The standad siderail (frame) of the Jamax scaffolding system combine the hand- and kneerail with diagonal bracing into a single component. This makes the installation of the scaffolding easier and faster.

Hand/kneerails are also available as single rails with telescopic funtion.

Sturdier – same weight

The railings are manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel profiles, with a wall thickness of 2 mm. As you know, steel is a more robust material than aluminium, which is why the handrails of the Jamax scaffolding system is about half as thick as similar aluminium railings. Thus, the weight of the siderails will also be about the same.

Read more about the installation of siderails in our user guide.