Jamax roller scaffolding

Jamax roller scaffolding is an adaptation of our ordinary Jamax facade scaffolding. Here you make smart use of your existing Jamax scaffolding material, by replacing the normal adjustable base jacks with mobile transoms and castors, making it into a roller scaffolding.

This solution can be beneficial if you have a lot of facade scaffolding and occasionally need a roller scaffolding.

Jamax roller scaffolding using mobile transoms can be built as either single or double width. The single width variant can be built to a height of 6,3 meters, while the double width variant can be built to 8,0 meters outdoors and 10.3 meters indoors. Please refer to our user guide for help with tips and installation. Be aware of wind restrictions outdoors. Jamax roller scaffolding is SINTEF certified, with product certificate PS 3282.



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