Stair tower for scaffolding

Increases productivity

The Jamax stair tower provides you with comfortable access to the scaffolding as an alternative to the internal ladders and hatches. This can be very convenient for long-term work, for example, as you streamline the transport of people and materials upwards in the scaffolding. This results in easier, more comfortable and more productive work than by using normal access through the platforms in the scaffolding.



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SINTEF certified scaffolding


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During development of the stair tower solution, we have emphasized on good ergonomics. The stairs have landings at each end and the railings follow the same incline as the stairs. Stair towers are easy to install and you can place them anywhere along the length of the scaffolding. Jamax is Norway’s first SINTEF-certified stair tower.

Product specifications

Stair towers are installed on the outside of the ordinary scaffolding and cover a scaffolding section of 3 meters. The height of each staircase is equivalent to the distance between each platform. The tower is built using standard scaffolding frames, aluminium stairs and specific parts for stair towers. You anchor the stair tower to the scaffolding with clamps and connecting anchors/bolts.

In our user guide you will see a detailed description of how stair towers are assembled and anchored to the scaffolding. 

Buy stair towers together with the scaffolding or order if needed!