Scaffolding Parts

Jamax scaffolding system is a unique construction kit consisting of many different parts. All together around 100 parts, each one with it’s own dedicated function and place in the scaffolding system. Correctly assembled all these parts represent what we all know as the safe, solid and flexible Jamax Scaffold.



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You don’t need to buy a whole scaffolding package, you can buy just the parts you need. The scaffolding parts are categorized either based on their functionality or based on which other scaffolding parts they must be used together with to achieve the desired scaffolding solution. For example, we have one category for all types of frames and one for the parts you need to build a rolling scaffold.

Find the scaffolding parts you are looking for by entering the relevant categories. Alternatively, you can use the search function by searching for the name of the scaffold part or the item number if you have this available.