Anchoring / Wall ties

Anchoring the scaffolding to the facade is very important for stability and safety, and for you to be able to work safely and efficiently in the scaffolding. The scaffolding is anchored to the facade using wall anchors, also called wall ties, eye screws and clamps. For Jamax scaffolding systems, you can get the wall anchors in several different variations and lengths.



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The most important thing when anchoring the scaffold to the facade is that the anchors has a strong and secure attachment to the wall, using either the eye screw or the fixing plate. The wall anchors should be places as high up on the frame as possible, just underneath the platform, and attached using a clamp. The wall anchors should mainly be placed perpendicularly to the wall.

When you, as a builder or carpenter, anchor your scaffolding, you are responsible for making the necessary calculations in relation to what the wall bracket should withstand from pull-out forces. It is the force at the transition between the wall and the eye screw/fixing plate that is the measure of what the wall bracket can withstand in each case. Read more about anchoring patterns and the placement of wall anchors in our user guide.