Adjustable base jacks

All our scaffolding packages are delivered as standard with 1 meter adjustable base jacks for the scaffolding. These can be adjusted up to 0,75 m. This provides you with great flexibility when adjusting for sloping terrain.



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If you have a greater height difference than 0,75 meters, you can compensate with vertical frames in addition to the base jacks. Depending on the height difference, use a vertical frame of either 2 m, 1 m, or 0,5 m. accordingly, to compensate for sloped terrain.

You can also get adjustable base jacks with 0,6 meters length if needed. The 0,6 meter base jacks are normally used along with a 0,5 meter assembly frame for more detailed adjustments.

We also offer the 1 meter adjustable base jacks with an articulated footplate. This is most often used in conjunction with the stabilizer legs for Jamax roller scaffolding. It can also be used on firm, inclined surfaces. In our user guide you will find detailed information about adjustable base jacks and their use.