If you need to increase the width of the scaffolding, for example in connection with a roof protrusion, you can use consoles.



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We have two main types of consoles in two widths. The most common is the fixed console for platform. It is mounted fixed at the same height as the platform level you want to extend, and you then get a platform with an extended width.

The second type is the adjustable platform console. It is more flexible in relation to the location on the frame it is mounted on. Can also be mounted at the end of the scaffolding for passage around a corner. It is mounted using two normal clamps.

Both of these variants also come in a narrower version with a width of 30 cm, which is half the width of an ordinary platform. These consoles can be used on either the outside (away from the facade) or inside (towards the facade) of the scaffolding.

A third type is the console for protective fan, which is used for mounting an inclined protective fan on the outside of the scaffolding (consisting of two ordinary platforms), with the aim of stopping falling objects from reaching the ground.

See our users guide for how these are used and what parts are needed.