Scaffolding trailer

All parts have their dedicated place

The best way to store and transport a Jamax Builder’s Package is to keep it packed on a scaffolding trailer. This way, all the parts in the package have their own dedicated place so that it is easy to find exactly what you need then and there, and to quickly count the parts you have on the trailer.



Shipping the next working day


SINTEF certified scaffolding


with Nets, Klarna or invoice

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There is also less wastage on parts when they have their own dedicated place. Safety is very well taken care of as all parts encounter a physical barrier in addition to strapping. Buy the scaffolding trailer for your builder’s package or buy a prepackaged trailer package!

Jamax trailer packages

You can choose between three trailer packages with Jamax facade scaffolding on them.

  1. Builder’s package 82,5 m2 
  2. Builder’s package 99 m2
  3. Builder’s package 132 m2

Read more about the trailer packages.

A sturdy and practical trailer

The trailer is equipped with a brake and a powerful nose wheel of 60 mm that simplifies connecting and disconnecting the trailer. The wheels are on the outside, making the trailer clearly visible in the mirror, providing good and stable driving comfort and low loading height. 13-inch all-season tyres mean that you don’t have to worry about changing tyres with the seasons.

The weight of the trailer itself is 320 kg and the permissible total weight is 1400 kg. The dimensions of the trailer are 426 x 160 x 246 cm. The large advertising sign on the top with the Jamax logo is visible proof that you have the best scaffolding on the market!

Placement of the scaffolding parts

Vertical frames, platforms, siderails and larger parts are placed on top of the arms, which are adjustable and can easily be moved. You can also add more arms if needed. Lash fasteners on each arm and on top of the vertical support offer great flexibility when strapping the parts.

Wall anchors, clamps and smaller parts are placed in a box with a lid at the back of the trailer, and the adjustable base jacks in an open box at the front of the trailer.


Some of the extras you can get for the scaffolding trailer are vehicle registration card holder and rubber protection for the ball coupling. This is not included in the trailer packages, but can be ordered as an add-on if desired.

Who can pull a scaffolding trailer?

No more than a driver’s license class B is needed to pull this scaffolding trailer, but you must have a car that is in the right weight class compared to the trailer. Check if you can pull a scaffolding trailer with your car on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s trailer calculator.